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NINGBO DELI IMP.& EXP. CO.,LTD. is a company from China exhibitors of 115th Canton Fair, the content including the address, fax and so on.
(这是NINGBO DELI IMP.& EXP. CO.,LTD.的简介、地址、传真等详细信息,来自115届中国参展商名录。)
Information (基本信息)

  • Company Name (公司名称) :
  • Company Chinese Name (中文名称) :
  • Brand (品牌) :
  • Address (地址) :
    15th,Xinhui Road. High-tech Park. Ningbo, China
  • Registered Capital (注册资金) :
    5000000 yuan (RMB)
  • Staff (企业人数) :
    More than 500
  • Business Type (企业类型) :
    Industry and Trade Corp.(工贸企业)
Contact (联系方式)

Industry (行业信息)

  • Booth (展位信息) :
    Office SuppliesPhase 32.2A28-45
  • Booth Category (展位分类) :
    Office Supplies(办公用品)
  • Exhibition Record (广交会参展记录) :
  • Buy Data (购买数据) :
    Click Here to Buy China Exhibitors of 115th Canton Fair
  • Product Range (产品范围) :
    Mark pens, nite writer pens (fluorescence pens)[1] Office binding stationeries[1] Calculators[1] Modifying devices[1] Desk containers[1] Signing pens, pens[1] Office gums and adhesive strips, etc. [1] Cutting pen tool[1] Document holders and document bags, etc.[1] Office cutting stationeries[1] Writing boards and bulletin boards, etc.[1]
  • Showroom (产品橱窗) :
    Office supplies [8]
  • Introduction (简介) :
    Deli Company was firstly established in 1988. And in 1997, the group became to set up. Through 20 years of development, it has become a large-sized modern stationery group incorporating production and sale. Deli Group administers ten branch companies, including Ningbo Deli Electronic Development Co., Ltd.Ningbo Deli School Supply and Stationery Co.,Ltd.Ningbo Deli Stationery Co.,Ltd.Ningbo Deli Surface Coating & Decorating Co.,Ltd.Ningbo Deli Import and Export Co., Ltd.Shanghai Deli Commerce & Trade Co., Ltd.Ningbo Deli Municipal Material Co., Ltd.Ningbo Deli Real Estate Co.,Ltd.Ningbo Deli Electric Investment Co.,Ltd.Ningbo Deli Office Supplies Manufacturing Co., Ltd.30 sales companies are set up in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other large cities in China. At the moment, Deli group has 4800 staff members. Total capital reaches RMB 1000 million. Thanks to more than one decade of technical accumulation, Deli Group presents a violent developing trend in the near past years. In 2001, sales income reached RMB 180 million. In 2002, it was increased to RMB 280 million. And in 2003, the figure was RMB 420 million. Profit tax was RMB 51.03 million. Just in 2004, Deli Group, with its sales income RMB 560 million, confirms its leading position in China's stationery industry. In 2008, the sales income will reach 1500million. DELI is paid more attention by the world as a stationery leader image. DELI has a plan to achieve 5000milion, entering into the top 5 stationery manufacturers in the world. Let every office in the world use DELI stationery .
  • Chinese(中文版介绍) :
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